Kokopelli’s Shadow

Kokopelli's Shadow
Kokopelli’s Shadow
Duration:4:57   Year:2017
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Kokopelli was a flute playing trader who interacted with the Ancestral Puebloans; believed to be of Aztecan origin.  If you watch carefully you might still catch a glimpse of his shadow on the horizon.


Kokopelli Kokopelli play for us your song

Warm our hearts  through winters cold and  long

Your flute carries sound  aloft

Melodies both sweet and soft

You are the bearer of exotic fare

Headress, plumage standing in your hair

Crown of feathers tall and fine

Descending from the Aztec line

Vine of ageless paradigm

Shadow of an ancient time

Kokopelli Kokopelli hasten spring along

May your shadow stay when you are gone