08 The Gnu Green Dill
08 The Gnu Green Dill

08 The Gnu Green Dill


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Word is out we must beware

Bovine gas is in the air

Seems to be the news is clear

Flatulence is everywhere.

Somewhere is a little Gnu.

‘Says that green is what to do

Eats his fill of herbs and dill

Drops out pickles upon will.

He is the gnu green dill

Produces pickles upon will

The sky is falling help him save

All of those who are not brave.

The sun will scorch the burning ground

Panic striking all around

Send your cash that’s what to do

We’ll put it towards the deal that’s Gnu.

Or perhaps just keep it all for us

Force you just to ride the bus

Ground the planes and take a walk

Fill your head with stupid talk

Good for me but not for you,

Perhaps just ride the little gnu

When you find the gnu green dill

Take a bite of your free will

Spit it at the panic crew

Let them know that you are through.

The earth knows just what to do

And can’t be changed by me or you